Street Vendors

Street Vendors

Do you know street vendors have become a part of the lives of the people of Vietnam? The place where the burden as a minimart, it crept into each hut, each street, and it is part of Vietnamese culture.

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About street sellers and vendors

Even though by no way is it unique to Vietnam only, street vending is an essential part of city life. Street vendors can be roughly divided into three types: those who always move around either by bike or on foot; those have a solid stand on a street and lastly, those who own a shop and expand their products on the pavement. They serve as a simple yet critical agent in the local economy.

Street Vendors
Basket vendors

Products vary as widely as needs call for. In general, fruits, flowers, and domestic products are the most common goods. Strange as it may sound, street vendors do have regular customers and stable trading relationships. Therefore, while certainly there are gaps and differences; quality is often preserved to a real extent. Local people who shop for fresh grocery every day can enjoy the luxury of having products delivered to their door at a competitive price without a delivery fee. However, the bargain is virtually a must, especially if you are a tourist and a foreigner at the same time.

Street Vendors
Flower street vendors

Food Vendor in Hanoi

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Another indispensable function street vendors play to provide a great variety of food 24/7 all year around. Types of food may alter with the rhythm of the season. Street vendors may be considered equivalence with fast food because a dish is often ready in no time, yet it is not mass-produced and contains significantly less fat.

Street Vendors
Fast foods

Food hygiene and safety is a concern and a primary reason for a recent decree passed by the government to restrict street vending. If you are not sure how much your stomach can tolerate and how safe the dish is, you may not want to take the risk. So a wise thing to do is to consult a local friend if you can, they know whom can be trusted. If no advice is available, then go to a shop with more people eating rather than a quiet one, since it’s obvious that real business comes with high quality.

Street Vendors
Young green rice
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