Hanoi Free Walking tour and Street food

Hanoi Free Walking tour and Street food

Hanoi walking tour and street food, an unforgettable experience with Anne and Darryl.

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Picking up

I went to Hong Ngoc Cochinchine at 95 Nguyen Truong To street to pick them up. When I arrived their hotel, they were waiting for me . We introduced each other and discussed a little bit about our schedule. They are an old couple from Australia. She is a nurse and he is an employee at train station. They spent their time on enjoying the life in many countries after retiring.

During the Hanoi free walking tour and street food

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Their hotel is so far from The Old Quarter and they are old as well, so we decided to take a taxi to the first place. On the way to The Old Quarter, they complained that they had to pay 300.000 for taxi bill for the distance from train station to their hotel, which made them unpleasant with the services in Hanoi. I felt so after hearing that. After that, I took them to some main streets in the Old Quarter such as Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Buom, Hang Giay, Dong Xuan, Hang Ma, Lan Ong, Hang CHieu,……The women was so excited about the information relating to The Old Quarter. She didn’t stop asking me some questions as well as sharing me a little interesting information about Australia. When we came across Hang Ca, we stopped to try ” Banh mi 25“

Hanoi Free Walking tour and Street food
Vietnamese sandwich

which is one of 10 food you have to try in the Old Quarter and they liked it so much. She exclaimed that ” Banh mi is a special sandwitch she have never tried before”, which made me so happy. At that time, i was focusing on eating ” Banh mi”, 4 Spanish people who I had a street food tour suddenly appeared after returning from Sapa, they called my name” Dao” loudly and gave me hugs and kisses . I could’t believe that I had a chance to meet them again. I was excited about that. We talked a lots and then said goodbye because I had to continue taking my tour. Next, I introduced them to” Bun cha”- ” Kebab rice noodles “  on Hang Manh street and tried “spring rolls“. Finally, I took them to drink egg-coffee at 11 Hang Gai street, but they didn’t like egg, so they just ordered “Vietnam’s pure milk coffee”. It was so funny that they were able to go to the highest floor to enjoy the best view from there because their legs are so weak. However, they were happy when they could see all the lake by night.

Hanoi Free Walking tour and Street food
Egg Coffee


After drinking coffee, I introduce about the lake and took a taxi to return their hotel. We finished at 9.00 p.m and before saying goodbye, the women gave me her email address and invited me to stay at their house if I had a chance to visit Sydney. I wish this dream would come true.

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