Hanoi full day tour

Hanoi full day tour

Hanoi full day tour in a hot day, my guest excited with full day journey. he is from Malysia, really very friendly (loke Chi-Hin)

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Early morning November 20, I hung out with a few friends in the old quarter. Diem said to me to arrive at Ma May street to pick up a guest, so I said goodbye to my friend. I came to the hotel at MaMay, but when I entered the hotel, my guest wasnt at the hotel. Oh my god, where is he going? Immediately, I called him, and he said that he is standing at the Saint Joseph Cathedral. Yep, Great!

Hanoi full day tour
Saint Joseph Catherdral

During the Hanoi Full day tour

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Then I arrived at the Saint Joseph Cathedral, My guest he is taking selfie in front of the Church ( dry words) haha. But, he is very friendly. We exchanged information; he said he comes from Malaysia, and he is single ( same as me ) L. I asked him that, why you’re traveling alone? He said he hadn’t found the bear! Follow me. He is very honest J. We had a full day, and I took him to famous history locations of Hanoi. Firstly, we came to the military museum. there, we together discovered Vietnam War history. I took him to visit the museum and introduced the information. Next place, we arrived and visited the temple of literature . The first university of Vietnam, he said to me “It’s beautiful, and he liked friendship between peacock and turtle”

Hanoi full day tour
Temple Of literature

Next, we came to Ho Chi Minh complex. We turned to the coffee shop near the temple of literature. At 12.30pm, we felt hungry. We sat down  and ate “Bun Cha” and drank coffee there; then we talked about many topics together, and he asked me about all level of education in  Viet Nam. When I said it has five levels, he was amazed and said that it was complicated with a system that has many levels. We finished lunch at 1.30pm, after that we moved to the Ho Chi Minh Complex

Hanoi full day tour
Grilled pork & vermicelli – Noodle soup

At the Ho Chi Minh Complex, I introduced about information as history, role of Ho Chi Minh in history ethnic Vietnam. We continued to visit presidential palace, Ho Chi Minh Museum, one pillar pagoda. We finished visiting at Ho Chi Minh Complex at 3.35 pm, after that we moved to the Hoan Kiem lake. I took him to no 11 Hang-Gai street to try egg coffee and on the way back to the hotel I shared with him a few destinations to try the Vietnamese traditional food


We have beautiful day.

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