Street food tour

Street food tour

Street food tour is always an impressive way to understand local living, eating culture and customs.

>> Hanoi Streetfood experience

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Picking up

That was a hard work, my tour was canceled but luckily, I had another street food tour so I had to run to them in really short time and I still made it. When I came to the hotel, they were already standing and waiting. I talked about schedule and they agreed. Then, we began the tour.

During the tour

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They weren’t so hungry at that time so I brought them to try some Ice cream and Black rice yogurt at Hang Bac street first. I told them about Vietnamese eating habit and how to make Black-Green rice.

Street food tour

After that we went to another place – 12 Ly Quoc Su street to have the main meal which are Fried rice,Fried noodle with seafood,Sea crab spring rolls.

Street food tour
Vietnamese fried spring rolls – a tasty street food in Hanoi

Bún Chả – Pork kebab noodle

They asked me that why they couldn’t make fried rice at all. It turn out that they just fried it with oil, nothing else so it became horrible thing.But good new is they love them all, they told me that everything is better than things they ate before.

Street food tour
Bun cha – a famous Vietnamese dish

To finish, we went to Walking street around Hoan Kiem lake to see musical shows and have a nice cup of egg-coffee, it was a long night but I think we had a lot of fun too.

Street food tour
Egg-coffee in Hà Nội

*Few good questions*

_How to make fried rice?

_How Vietnamese think about tourist?

_Do you follow any religion?